Madhusudan Majumdar (June 24, 1921 – November 29, 1981) was known for his editorial role. He was the first business Editor of Shuktara when Deb Sihitya Kutir started this children's magazine shortly after independence. His success with Shuktara thrust upon him the responsibility for Naba Kallol when it was started in March, 1960. Shri Majumdar lost his sight at the age of eight. He received his elementary education in Braille at Calcutta Blind School. Later he studied at Brahma Boys School at Jhamapukur, Kolkata and graduated from Presidency College. Despite his blindness, he continually wrote reviews for the theatre section of Naba Kallol. He was a voracious reader and maintained a very cordial relationship with writers. This quality of his character made his task easy to manage a publishing house like Deb Sahitya Kutir. He also wrote several stories and novels. He was one of the founder Vice-Presidents of Blind Persons' Association.

For this month we have selected a story, Kashmir Rani Didda from his Amar Bir Kahini. Didda (920 – 1003) was celebrated as a heroine for her defence of Kashmir. This story, though hardly supported by historical records, shows the queen’s tact and foresight. She does not hesitate to punish her royal husband to defend the kingdom.

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